Musical Director

Erik Kibelsbeck

Erik Kibelsbeck has been music director of the OCSO since 2001. He recently looked at list of the music the orchestra has done in this time and nearly fell out of his chair in amazement at how much there has been: eight out of nine Beethoven symphonies, two out of four Brahms symphonies, two by Dvorak, a host of concertos, overtures, and many, many more. Besides his work with the orchestra, Erik is music director at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Ithaca where he plans all the music, plays the organ, and directs the choir. He has recently been appointed executive director of the Friends of Music at St. Luke, which presents music including the new landmark French Romantic organ by Juget-Sinclair. By day he manages the concerts and facilities at the Ithaca College School of Music. Reach him at