UPDATE:  We are delaying returning to rehearsals due to covid for the moment, so the concert schedule will also be updated, probably to a single concert instead of the planned February and April dates.   Details will be posted once they are more solidly confirmed.

Program hopefully to include:

Dittersdorf: Concerto No. 2 for Double Bass, Spencer Phillips, double bass soloist
The premiere of Victor Mallia’s violin concerto, featuring soloist Stephen Levine.
Beethoven:  Symphony No. 2

And a special event in May, stay tuned!

Onondaga Civic Symphony Orchestra

First established in 1963, the Onondaga Civic Symphony Orchestra is comprised of diverse and passionate amateur and professional musicians from all across the Syracuse area.  To learn more about OCSO’s rich traditions and past, please visit our history page,

Our Mission

The mission of the Onondaga Civic Symphony Orchestra is to provide
our members with an opportunity to perform symphonic music, and for
our audiences to enjoy classical programming, through our concerts, our
community service, and our outreach programs.


The orchestra presents at least four concerts each year. The repertoire consists of classical works (symphonies, concertos, overtures), popular music, light classics, and an occasional choral work. Our rehearsals are hosted at a variety of locations and venues made possible by the support of our valued community partners. 

Join Us!

Annual recruiting for the orchestra is initiated each fall, although qualified new members are sought to fill openings that occur throughout the year. Interested musicians should contact us about the requirements for membership. The orchestra is 501(c) (3) charitable organization supported by membership dues, fundraisers and contributions from the community.